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Full funnel strategy via Google Ads

Google Ads: Not just search ads

Lack of knowledge among companies and digital marketers means that they cannot or do not know how to use Google Ads to reach their target audiences online.

Hello, digital friends!
Antonio here, and I thought I'd share my thoughts on Google Ads and what I think a lot of people seem to have misunderstood.

Smile potential

First of all, we can talk about how almost no one uses the true potential of Google Ads. It's like buying a Ferrari and only driving it in first gear. That's why I thought I'd tell you about the remaining 5 gears. The ones that allow you to achieve "MASTER LEVEL 9000” level, with 10 extra lives left after you beat the game.
"But Antonio, Gogel Advörds is only about appearing at the top of the search results" - you may be thinking now. And that is exactly why I am writing this post.
I will try to stay on-topic throughout the text. Namely, there are endless rabbit-holes everywhere that continue to be defined as I write.

The customer journey

Let's start with the customer journey. It is no longer a simple A to B journey. It's more like a roller coaster through a maze, going backwards in the dark. On Google Marketing Live 2023 tells Philipp Schindler that more than 75% of customers find it important to research in multiple channels before finalizing a purchase. More than half use five or more channels before completing a purchase. Customers are referred to as product detectives and you can certainly recognize yourself. When was the last time you went to Google, searched for a product that you spontaneously realized you needed, and immediately bought it? Never?

Something sparks interest long before a person actively searches Google for a product or service. The need has already arisen and usually skilled marketers have already communicated with the user in various ways and thus already gained the user's trust before the need has arisen.
And now you appear there, at the top of Gogel Advörds with your advertisement and have calculated with the Casio calculator that if 1 in 10 trades, you will be a millionaire.
Some smart Google Ads specialist probably also told you that your services are searched thousands of times every month and while he was talking, you saw dollar signs raining down with your eyes wide open. In your world, the calculation is complete. Thousands of searches, one in ten buys = fantasy lion.

Reach your target audience

Many new customers who choose Adfreak have this view of Google Ads and I have had to educate them little by little so that they get a better picture of the digital landscape and user behaviour.
It is possible to reach those thousands of searches on Google, but not only through search ads. Google will always want to show several different ads (not putting all eggs in one basket), which means that yours may not always be seen and once they are seen, it is not certain that they will click on your ad. Already here, your whole plan is ruined.
You can certainly reach all the potential customers who searched for your search terms on Google and started their customer journey, but did not click on your ad. Not with the search ad format, but with video, image, HTML5 ads that are significantly more attractive. If you have enough good material, the ad can be at least as effective as the search ad on Google.


At this stage you wonder why your traffic is not increasing and why few are becoming customers. You therefore do not reach users before the need arises and you only reach a tiny scale of those who have the intention of buying and are searching on Google.

Now we come to the next question – ”Do you even retarget?

You have managed to drive traffic to your website, potential customers have shown interest in your products or services and all you have to do is cross your fingers and hope they become real customers. It is a fact that users compare several companies and options, search for reviews, compare price, quality, design, delivery times, etc. Just look at your own behavior when searching for things to buy.
Those who have shown interest on your website, but have not yet purchased or become a lead, you can reach with customized messages that remind them to buy. These customers are in a decision-making phase and need help making a decision. Your competitors retarget like hyenas with educational messages and clear call-to-actions. There are no hotter leads than those who have already shown interest on your website, but you continue to bet the entire pot on that specific part of the customer journey – when searching on Google.

Reach your target audience throughout the funnel

Users are constantly on the move and you have the opportunity to reach them with customized messages across the internet with cool images, videos and headlines. What makes Google unique as an advertising tool is the ability to reach users through the entire marketing funnel from cold lead to loyal customer. By loyal customer, I mean you upload your customer lists in Google Ads and send out targeted campaigns to your existing customers to get them to buy more. In this particular area, I also see a great lack of activity among the companies. Most people let go of customers after the first purchase.

So, there are possibilities with Google Ads that you can't even dream of. It's time to put away the Casio calculator and start listening to a real one Google Ads agency which can help you set up a really well-thought-out and adapted strategy.

Do you know where the most expensive click prices are? Exactly, you guessed right! On the search where everyone wants to be seen.