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With server-side tracking, you collect website data
on your own server, which gives you more control, better
data quality and better performance.

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Server-side tracking is a method of collecting and processing data on your own server before passing it on to your analysis tools. This increases your amount of collected data, which is essential for optimizing your campaigns.

Improved measurement and control

Advantages of server-side tracking

Better control over data

  • Custom Data Collection: With server-side tracking, you can tailor exactly what data you collect and how it should be used, which gives greater flexibility.
  • Data Privacy and Compliance: You have greater control over data privacy, which helps you comply GDPR and other data protection regulations more effectively.

Increased data security

  • Protection against Data Breach: By managing data on the server side, you reduce the risk of data breaches and protect sensitive user information from external threats.
  • Prevents Data Loss: As the data is managed internally, the risk of data loss that can occur through third-party cookies and external servers is reduced.

More reliable data

  • Consistency across platforms: No matter what device or platform your customers use, server-side tracking provides more consistent and reliable data collection.
  • Integration with multiple platforms: Facilitates the integration of data with various marketing platforms and tools, improving marketing strategies.

Less Dependence on Browsers

  • Bypasses browser restrictions: Server-side tracking is less affected by browser restrictions such as ITP and ETP, ensuring more consistent data collection.
  • Reduces effect of Adblockers: Adblockers that prevent client-side scripts from running do not affect server-side tracking, which guarantees that you get the data you need.

Improved web performance

  • Faster Loading Times: By reducing dependency on JavaScript and external tags in the browser, website performance and load times are improved.
  • Better User Experience: A faster website contributes to a better user experience, which can lead to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Future-proof solution

  • Prepared for the Technology of the Future: With increased focus on user privacy and data protection, server-side tracking becomes a more sustainable and long-term strategy.
  • Adaptability: This method is adaptable to future technological changes and regulations, ensuring that your business is always one step ahead.
Improve your data quality, website performance and gain more control with Server-side tracking

We help with installation

Adfreak's expert team is ready to help your business maximize these benefits of server-side tracking.
With our in-depth knowledge and tailored solutions, we can ensure that you utilize this technology to the fullest.

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Strengthen your digital advertising with server-side tracking

If we look at how server-side tracking can improve digital advertising, several key benefits emerge.

Target groups & segments

  • Improved segmentation: Server-side tracking allows more detailed and accurate data collection, which leads to finer segmentation of your target group.
  • Custom messages: With more specific data, you can create more personalized ads that speak directly to your customers' needs and wishes.

Efficiency in Ad Optimization

  • Data quality for better decisions: With high-quality data as a foundation, you can make more informed decisions about your advertising strategies.
  • Improved Machine Learning: By providing the advertising tools with more information about your conversions - the performance of the ads is also improved.
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  • Real-time optimization: Server-side tracking enables faster data collection and processing, which means you can adjust and optimize your campaigns in real time based on user behavior and trends.

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