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    How long is the online customer journey? We answer this in today's post.
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    Today we will dive into how this conscious customer behaves and why he chooses to buy from a certain company. I also highlight how the increasingly complex buying environment offers marketers a unique chance to build consumer trust and steer the user towards purchase.

    google highlights adfreak's demand gen strategy in a case study
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    Read about Google's Consent Mode v2. A crucial update for regular data collection and continued measurable results.

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    In CMI's "What's New" series, an old marketing metric is seen resurfacing in new ways for the year 2024. Robert Rose discusses why it's now relevant again and how you can start tracking it.

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    In 2024, the advertising world will be redefined through innovation and authenticity with a deepened focus on the consumer experience. Now more than ever, it is important to understand and embrace these trends to stay competitive.

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    Discover how Hilton and iProspect turned insights into action with full-funnel marketing that significantly increased awareness and conversions. Get insights into their successful strategies in our latest blog post.

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