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    Tracking & Privacy

    dominate google search with featured snippets
    minute reading

    Master Google's featured snippets to increase organic traffic and visibility. Optimize content for "position zero" by answering questions directly, using clear language, and continuously adapting to algorithm changes.

    tracking 2024 and the disappearance of third-party cookies
    minute reading

    We explain the technical and marketing implications of removing third-party cookies, as well as present a plan to prepare for this major change in the industry.

    minute reading

    Optimize your marketing budget with the best tools and tactics to lower cost per lead and increase ROI. Learn how to effectively track the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns.

    Google's Consent Mode v2 is a feature or mechanism that enables a company, or website owner, to send a consent signal from the site's cookie banner to Google.
    minute reading

    Read about Google's Consent Mode v2. A crucial update for regular data collection and continued measurable results.

    minute reading

    In CMI's "What's New" series, an old marketing metric is seen resurfacing in new ways for the year 2024. Robert Rose discusses why it's now relevant again and how you can start tracking it.


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