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In today's digitized world, a powerful digital strategy is critical to success. Adfreak helps you create a unique and effective digital strategy that puts your business at the center.

We take into account your goals and your target group and design a tailored strategy that maximizes your digital presence and increases your online visibility.

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Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking is a modern and effective strategy in digital marketing that aims to drive rapid growth for organizations and businesses. This method is based on a unique combination of creativity, data-driven analysis and continuous experimentation to maximize growth

The essence of Growth Hacking is to quickly identify and implement the most cost-effective strategies to attract new customers and increase customer loyalty. This often means stepping outside of traditional marketing methods and instead utilizing creative and sometimes unorthodox approaches.

The benefits of hiring a digital strategist

Hiring a professional digital agency enables businesses to maximize their digital presence and effectively navigate the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

Certified partner

As a Google and Microsoft Partner agency, Adfreak has demonstrated its expertise in delivering high-quality results to our clients through effective PCC campaigns. With this in mind, you can feel confident in your choice.

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Growth Marketing

Data-driven, creative and customer-focused marketing with a focus on rapid growth with flexible marketing techniques

Digital advertising

Effective paid advertising on Google, Bing, Social media, LinkedIn & YouTube. Reach users on all platforms and increase your sales.

Digital strategy

We create sustainable growth processes, optimize the entire buying journey and generate new creative ideas on an ongoing basis based on measurements and user behavior

Search engine optimization

Increase your relevance, rank higher on important search terms and get more organic traffic through Google, Bing etc

Website Tracking

Conversion & event tracking with Google Tag Manager for better measurement and decision making


Installation and setup of advertising tools, analysis programs & marketing automation

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E-commerce or a service company.

Existing business and want to take your business to new levels online.

New business and needs a tailored strategy.

Need change and improvement of your existing marketing.

Looking for a long-term, strategic digital partner.

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