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Our website event tracking service is essential for everyone
companies that want to make the most of their online presence.
By tracking key events and conversions on your website, you can gain valuable insights into how your users interact with your website and make data-driven decisions to improve their experience.

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Why is event tracking off
websites so important?

Improved marketing efficiency

By tracking important events on your website, you can understand what is working and what is not working in your marketing efforts.
This helps you allocate your resources more efficiently and make more informed decisions about how to reach and convert your target audience.

Improved customer experience

Event tracking can help you identify areas of your website that may be confusing or frustrating for users. By addressing these issues, you can improve the overall experience of your website and keep customers coming back.

Increased conversion rates

By understanding what events lead to conversions on your site, you can optimize your site to better guide users to take the desired action.
This can lead to a higher conversion rate and greater success for your business.

In short,
event tracking is a critical tool for any business looking to understand and optimize their online presence. With our tracking services, you can get the insights you need to make informed decisions and drive the success of your business.

What are conversions and conversion optimization?

A conversion on a website refers to a specific action a user takes that is of value to the business. It can be anything from making a purchase on an e-commerce site to filling out a contact form on a service-based website. Basically, a conversion is any action that the company considers to be a desired result of the user's visit to the website.

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is the process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action. It can be anything from making a purchase to signing up for a newsletter. By understanding what factors drive conversions on your website and making changes to improve the user experience, you can increase your conversion rate and increase your business' success.

CRO involves analyzing data about user behavior on your website and making changes based on that data. This may include redesigning the layout of your website, making the navigation more user-friendly, or testing different calls to action. By constantly testing and refining your website, you can optimize it for the highest possible conversion rate.

Tracking can help you build new audiences

Event tracking on a website can help you build important marketing audiences by giving you a better understanding of your users and their behavior. By tracking specific events on your website, such as form submissions, purchases, button clicks and page views, you can collect data about how users interact with your website. This can provide valuable insights into their interests, preferences and motivations, which you can then use to create targeted marketing campaigns.

For example, if you run an e-commerce store and track events where users add items to their cart and complete purchases, you can use this information to create targeted email campaigns to users who have abandoned their cart. Or, if you run a service-based business and track form submissions for potential customers, you can use this information to create targeted ads to users who have expressed interest in your services.

Overall, event tracking can help you create a more complete picture of your website visitors and use that information to create targeted marketing campaigns that are more likely to be successful.

Here is a list of events and conversions that can be tracked on a website:

Form submissions

Phone call


Page views

File downloads

Video playbacks

Image click


Product views (for e-commerce sites)

Product listings (for e-commerce sites)

Add to Cart Events (for eCommerce sites)

Sales (for e-commerce sites)

Registration for newsletters or other mailing lists

What needs to be tracked on your particular website depends on the goals of the business and the functions of the website. However, these are some common events and conversions that are often tracked on websites.

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Track conversions and events from advertising tools

In addition to tracking events on your website, we also offer help setting up and tracking conversions for a variety of advertising platforms. These platforms include:

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