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Adfreak helps e-tailers sell through Google Shopping -
a powerful tool that connects your products directly to the customers who are looking for them.

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Start selling on Google Shopping with Adfreak as your digital partner.
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Advantages of
Google Shopping

Increased visibility
With Google shopping, your products appear at the top of the search results.

High conversion rate
Shows image, text and price directly in the ad, which means that customers know what they are getting even before they click.

Directed traffic
Shopping ads are usually a phase that is later in the buying journey, which means that it can be counted as "qualified" traffic.

Measurable results
Results can be measured and monitored.

Ability to optimize campaigns for the best possible return.

Start selling on Google Shopping

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Certified partner

As a Google and Microsoft Partner agency, Adfreak has demonstrated its expertise in delivering high-quality results to our clients through effective PCC campaigns. With this in mind, you can feel confident in your choice.

This is how we start
Google Shopping

By letting Adfreak plan and configure your Google Shopping campaigns
you get a simple and smooth start and the best conditions for success!

Start-up meeting

We start by understanding your company's unique needs, products, goals and budget.
We review the current e-commerce strategy and identify possible areas of improvement.

Google Merchant Center Account Creation

If you don't already have one, we help you create a GMC account, a platform that does
enable us to upload your product data to Google and make it visible in Google shopping
and other services offered.

Product flow optimization

We optimize your product flow together, which means that we guide you in producing images,
product descriptions and other attributes that Google needs to be able to display your products
for the right user.

Google shopping promotions

We create and configure your Google Shopping campaigns so that they are ready to be seen
potential customers in the product result on Google search.

Ongoing optimization

Once the campaign has been active and collected data, we make the necessary adjustments and
optimizations, which lead to more sales and better allocation of budget.

Reporting and feedback

Adfreak works closely with its customers, which means you have the opportunity to analyze your ads
performance in real time and have an ongoing dialogue with us while the collaboration is ongoing.
We keep you constantly updated with how we improve the results of your campaigns together.

By following this approach, we ensure that Adfreak and your
Google Shopping campaigns are well optimized and reach the right audience.
With us, you can expect the best possible results for your e-commerce on Google Shopping.

Ready for growth?

Here are some suggestions for companies that can get good results with us:

E-commerce or a service company.

Existing business and want to take your business to new levels online.

New business and needs a tailored strategy.

Need change and improvement of your existing marketing.

Looking for a long-term, strategic digital partner.

Does this sound like you? Then write a few lines and let's get back to you shortly!

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