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Effective advertising on Google with Adfreak - your Google Ads agency.
We help you be seen when potential customers are actively searching for your products or services, and you only pay for actual clicks.
For most companies, Google Ads is a cost-effective and profitable channel in digital marketing.

Advantages of Google Ads

Appears at the right time

Effective advertising that shows your products or services to potential customers when they search on Google - the world's most visited website.
With these ads, we reach the target group at the right moment.

Reach new audiences

Through Google Ads, you can reach over 90% of all Internet users in the world
with image & video ads on YouTube and Gmail, among others.
Here you can effectively recruit new customers based on their interests and purchase intentions online.

Reach your visitors

We create compelling ads that are shown to those who have visited your website, through so-called retargeting. By uploading your first-party data into Google Ads, we can thus reach your existing customers with targeted ads and get them to buy more often.

Measurable results

Improve campaigns based on concrete data, gain deeper target group knowledge and create personalized advertising.
Increase ROI by understanding and acting on ad performance insights.

Adfreak have proven to be genuine experts in digital marketing, which has been crucial in shaping our strategy and increasing our online visibility especially on google's platforms - but also meta and tiktok.

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Digital partner

Choosing the right one
Google Ads agency

Many agencies offer to help with Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, the two primary search engines that we use.

The most important thing when choosing a partner is to find an agency that understands your company's challenges and goals.
When looking for an agency, you can use the keywords below as a guide to find the right one.

  • Experience
  • Commitment
  • Availability
  • Problem solving skills
  • Proactivity


This is how it works


We start every collaboration with careful planning. By understanding your business goals, your target group and your challenges, we create a tailored digital marketing strategy. Let's grow together!



Our onboarding process is smooth and engaging. We collect materials from you, install the necessary programs and create campaigns that will meet your goals. We are here to support and guide you through this entire process.

Adfreak's onboarding process is both fun and engaging


Collaboration is the key to success! We believe in open communication and continuous improvement to maximize results. With high competence and great commitment, we are your reliable partner for digital marketing.

a collaboration with Adfreak can be crucial for your business

Ongoing development

We mostly work independently with the development of your online presence, but we also usually have ongoing suggestions on how your business can develop.

adfreak analyzes the market and sets up a strategy

Ad format

Google's ad platform offers a variety of ad formats that, when used correctly, can cover nearly every stage of the customer journey, from awareness to consideration to conversion.

Are you ready for growth?

Here are some examples of companies that can get good results with us:

E-commerce or a service company.

Existing business and want to take your business to new levels online.

New business and needs a tailored strategy.

Need change and improvement of your existing marketing.

Looking for a long-term, strategic digital partner.

Does this sound like you? Then write a few lines and let's get back to you shortly!

Antonio-Markovic Specialist in digital marketing

Antonio Markovic
Digital Marketing Engineer
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    Certified partner

    As a Google and Microsoft Partner agency, Adfreak has demonstrated its expertise in delivering high-quality results to our clients through effective PCC campaigns. With this in mind, you can feel confident in your choice.

    Common questions & answers
    What is Google Ads?

    Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is an online advertising system developed by Google. Through this system, businesses can create ads to reach a global or local audience on Google and its partner sites.
    Google Ads is a form of paid search engine optimization (SEO) where businesses pay to have their websites appear at the top or next to organic search results in Google. The system uses an auction model, which means that advertisers "bid" on specific keywords related to their business or services. When users search for these keywords, the company's ads may appear in the search results.

    How much does Google Ads cost?

    As a rule, you pay when a user clicks on an ad. This is called in union terms PPC which means Pay-Per-Click.
    The cost per click, also called CPC - Cost-Per-Click, varies greatly between different industries. You can say that Google Ads is like an auction place for ads where the advertisers themselves choose what click prices they want to pay. Attractive clicks can cost several around SEK 100, but usually the cost per click is somewhere between SEK 2-20.
    The cost is then determined by the number of clicks and how much each click costs.  

    How much do you need to spend on Google Ads?

    The amount you spend on Google Ads will vary depending on your business needs and goals. There is no fixed minimum or maximum cost. You can set a daily budget for each campaign based on what you're willing to spend, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. The cost of each click varies based on competition and other factors.

    When do you start seeing results in Google Ads?

    How quickly you see results from Google Ads can vary depending on a number of factors, including your bidding strategy, your target audience, the quality of your ads and landing pages, and the level of competition in your industry.
    In general, you can start seeing clicks and traffic to your website almost immediately after your ad campaign is activated and approved by Google. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will immediately see desired business results, such as sales or leads. This can take more time, sometimes a few weeks to a few months, especially if you're optimizing and testing your ads and bid strategies.
    It's important to monitor your Google Ads results closely and make adjustments as needed to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns over time.

    How does Adfreak report the results from Google Ads?

    Together, we select the key figures that are important for you to include in the reports. Then you have access to your report exactly when you want to analyze it. It is also sent out once a month to your email.

    What are the advantages of Google Ads?

    Google Ads offers several advantages for businesses that want to increase their online visibility and reach potential customers. Here are some of the benefits:
    Immediate visibility: Unlike search engine optimization (SEO), which can take months to show results, Google Ads can offer immediate visibility in Google search results.
    Target group targeting: Google Ads allows you to target your ads to specific demographic groups, geographic locations, and even times of day. You can also target ads to people based on their search intent.
    Flexibility: Google Ads is extremely flexible, allowing you to adjust your campaigns at any time, change your bid, add or remove keywords, and more.
    Measurability: With Google Ads, you can measure everything from the number of clicks on your ads to the number of conversions (eg sales or leads) you get, making it easier to calculate your return on investment (ROI).
    Cost effective: You only pay when someone clicks on your ad (cost per click or CPC), which can make it more cost-effective compared to traditional advertising.
    Scope: With billions of searches made on Google every day, Google Ads can give you access to a huge potential customer base.

    Does Adfreak offer help with Google shopping?

    Of course we do! Our founder has been an e-retailer for many years and is very familiar with Google shopping and other price comparison services. We help you set up a Merchant Center, create product flow and carry out technical implementations. We know what is required for your products to get maximum visibility and sell.

    Which agency is best at Google Ads?

    There are many agencies, freelancers and consultants who offer help with Google Ads (AdWords) and Microsoft Ads (Bing) advertising. The most important thing is to find a Google Ads specialist who cares about and understands what the company's goals are.
    A Google Ads agency must have several years of experience and preferably have worked with Google Ads advertising in several different industries. Continuous meetings with a review of statistics and results between the company and the consultant means that both parties gain a deeper understanding of each other and can thus work more effectively together. Adfreak is of course your right partner and covers all these areas and is also a certified Google Partner.

    How much does it cost to hire a Google Ads agency?

    These factors affect the fee an agency can charge:
    The consultant's experience and expertise 
    Scope of work – keyword research, ad copywriting, budget management, account development, performance analysis, optimization and reporting
    Number of campaigns - The more campaigns, the more work
    The size of the budget -Bigger budgets usually require more work
    The industry – Different industries may have different average cost per click (CPC)
    The competition - Higher competition usually requires more work
    Time - The consultant makes an estimate of how many hours need to be set aside per month

    Time needed: 2 hours

    How to advertise on Google?

    1. Create a Google Ads account

      Go to and click "Get started".
      Sign in with your Google account or create a new one.

    2. Choose your campaign goal

      Decide what you want to achieve with your ad, e.g. increase sales, generate leads or increase brand awareness.

    3. Create your ad

      Add your campaign assets such as headlines, descriptions, images and videos.
      Use Google's AI to find the best ad combinations.

    4. Choose your target group and budget

      Define the target group you want to reach based on demographics, interests and keywords.
      Set a budget that fits your business and your goals.

    5. Set up conversion tracking

      Add the Google tag to your website using the Google Tag Manager or manually in your source code.
      Create conversion goals in Google Ads that are linked to your tags and events.

    6. Publish your campaign

      Confirm your payment details and submit your campaign to go live.
      Be sure to set up conversion tracking to measure campaign effectiveness.

    7. Monitor and optimize

      Use the Google Ads dashboard to track ad performance.
      Adjust your campaign based on insights and results to maximize your return.