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Antonio-Markovic Specialist in digital marketing

Antonio Markovic

Founder – Adfreak AB


Lorinda Brljevic

Digital Marketing Coordinator



The story begins about 12 years ago, when Antonio Markovic, the founder of Adfreak, took his first steps into the media industry.
At the time, he was deeply immersed in the exciting world of mobile advertising. He quickly became fascinated with search engine marketing – a magical intersection of technology and psychology – that appealed to both his analytical mind and his creative soul.

Antonio then changed paths and created his own e-commerce platform, where he began to explore and immerse himself in digital advertising. His success did not go unnoticed. More and more companies began to turn to him for advice and help. It was here that Antonio discovered what would become his true passion: using his knowledge and skills to help others flourish.

Thus Adfreak was born. We are the fruit of Antonio's passion, his decades of experience, and his unwavering commitment to understanding every nook and cranny of the digital landscape. We are a gathering place for those who want to understand and use the ever-changing technology to make their business successful. Our passion for the digital landscape is unquestionable. It drives us to constantly educate ourselves, explore new techniques and methods, and never sit still.
Every day is a new day to learn, to grow, to surprise and to surpass. And we want to take you on that journey with us.

So welcome to Adfreak, where we turn our passion for digital marketing into your success. Let's write the next chapter in your story together.

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