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    Email marketing is the key to more customers and higher revenue. It is a constantly changing industry that requires innovative thinking. Here you get eight effective tips to maximize the effect of your campaigns.

    Flexibility for better ad results
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    With Google AI, Responsive Search Ads creates optimal combinations of headlines and descriptions for customizable, relevant ads. For improved search advertising performance, we're introducing new changes to how ads interact with elements.

    Google Ads with a low budget. Tips and methods
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    Do you want to boost your lead generation with Google Ads? Discover nine powerful strategies that can boost your PPC campaigns and drive tangible growth. Learn how to fine-tune every aspect of your ads for optimal performance.

    Google AI in video advertising
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    Google AI takes your video ads to the next level through custom placement on YouTube – including in-stream, in-feed and Shorts – as well as across TV, desktop and mobile, driving results and strengthening your marketing impact.

    Full funnel strategy via Google Ads
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    Antonio points out that many people do not make full use of Google Ads. He compares it to driving a Ferrari in first gear. The customer journey is no longer a simple stretch, but rather an exciting path with several different channels. To effectively reach your target group here, you should use a combination of different tools within Google Ads - not just search ads. It includes animated ads, video ads and HTML5 ads. In addition, it is crucial to follow up on the potential customers who have already shown interest, to increase the chance of reaching them again. By using Google Ads in a more complete way, companies can create an effective strategy that covers the entire purchase process and reaches their customers in the best way.

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