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Google's Consent Mode v2 is a feature or mechanism that enables a company, or website owner, to send a consent signal from the site's cookie banner to Google.

Google Consent Mode V2: The risk of losing core Google Ads functions

Digital marketing has been through a truly stormy year filled with new laws when it comes to tracking and analytics. Google Analytics has really been in the limelight in this rapid development.

Looking ahead, we expect the coming year to be at least as eventful, if not more so. It is therefore crucial that companies work proactively and adapt to be able to keep up with the rapid swings in the industry.

There's a crucial update you can't miss: As of March 6, 2024, it is a must for all companies to implement Consent Mode V2 for website tracking within Europe.

Read on to understand why this update is of utmost importance, and the insight into the risks your business could face if you don't act on time.

What is happening in the world of analytics?

The collection of data via cookies has undergone major restrictions in recent years, especially within the EU. This has forced everyone to implement cookie management solutions in order to comply with privacy laws.

Many of our clients see an acceptance of between 50% to 80% for their cookie banner, indicating that some companies are at risk of missing a significant amount of valuable data within Google Ads and Google Analytics. To deal with this problem, Google has developed Consent Mode.

To explain it simply, Consent Mode helps us understand user behavior even when they have not accepted cookies. It transmits click and conversion data to Google Ads for users who do not give their consent, while complying with EU rules and regulations and GDPR. Using conversion modeling Google can calculate when a conversion would likely have occurred based on several different parameters such as device type, conversion type, country, time of day, or browser to model visitor behavior. 

Google Consent Mode v2 is GDPR compliant.

Why is this update important?

Recent legislation, primarily the Digital Markets Act (DMA), has placed new requirements on large companies, where large players are now required to obtain user consent for basic advertising platforms. Google Ads, which is one of the designated actors together with Meta Ads and Microsoft Ads, has therefore created Consent Mode V2.

This enhancement maintains the benefits of the first version, while introducing consent permission for ad_user_data and ad_personalization, which enables users to provide more detailed and specific permission for the use of their data in advertising.

By not adopting or upgrading to Consent Mode V2 before March 2024, businesses will no longer be able to gain critical insights, impacting reporting, attribution and campaign optimization. Additionally, their ability to collect target audience lists for remarketing will be limited. This will have a negative impact on their entire digital marketing strategy, impairing their reach and targeting.

For businesses in Europe using Google Ads, switching to Consent Mode V2 is critical. This upgrade ensures that conversions are accurately tracked, enabling efficient use of marketing budgets while following the dynamic The Data Protection Regulation.

A cookie banner integrated with Consent Mode V2 also shares user data with Google, supporting efficient data usage for conversion modeling.

See Google's presentation of Consent Mode for Web & Apps in 2024

How can you do now?

By embracing this transition to privacy-protected data collection, you'll not only keep your business within the confines of current laws, but you'll also improve your ability to model conversions in Google Ads and GA4. 

To prepare for the new update, you need:

  1. Check that your cookie banner is completely correct: It must block cookies until users have made their choice and only enable appropriate cookies after consent has been given.
  2. Integrate Consent Mode V2: pick one certified CMP partner and integrate Consent Mode V2 in your cookie banner.

Navigating through these changes can be complicated, but you are not alone! If you need help setting this up or are unsure if your site is currently using Consent Mode, Adfreak has all the knowledge and skills required to help you. 

Contact us today and take the first step towards a more regular and effective digital marketing strategy.

Thank you for taking the time to read our walkthrough on the importance of upgrading to Google Consent Mode V2. We at Adfreak are always ready to assist with our expertise and guidance to ensure that your digital marketing is not only in line with current data protection regulations, but also optimized for maximum effectiveness. Let's together shape the future of a transparent and responsible digital presence.

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