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Contextual Marketing: The Way Forward

The change means a shift from relying on cookies to investing more in first-party data and contextual advertising.

How does the absence of cookies affect marketing and advertising?

With third-party cookies out of the picture, we've seen a monumental shift in how digital marketing agencies operate and how they collect data. The pursuit of data has become more focused on collecting first-party data directly from customers and users, which places a greater emphasis on user consent and privacy.

Adapt to Change: Benefits for Businesses from the Reengineering of Digital Marketing

With this shift to prioritizing first-party data and contextual advertising, it has become clear that marketing needs to adapt to the changes. However, it allows us to be more creative in our strategy and to make our campaigns more personalized and targeted by understanding our audience on a deeper level. Listed below are some benefits that this change can bring.

  1. Improved customer understanding: Collecting first-party data gives us a better and more detailed understanding of our customer groups.
  2. More effective campaigns: With better target group insight, we can create more effective and targeted campaigns.
  3. Privacy Preservation: By putting consent and privacy at the center, we create trust with our users.
  4. Creative Strategies: The challenge of adapting to these changes gives us the chance to be more innovative in our marketing.
  5. Increased GDPR compliance: As this approach emphasizes privacy, it will be easier to comply with GDPR and other relevant data protection legislation.

In summary, this shift towards a greater emphasis on first-party data and contextual advertising has presented us as digital marketers with a unique opportunity. We can now understand our customers better, create more effective campaigns, comply with GDPR more effectively, build trust through privacy preservation and be more innovative in our strategies.

While privacy is increasing online, companies also want measurable results from their digital investments. Right now is server-side tracking a way to bypass certain types of browser privacy settings that can improve measurement while protecting the user's privacy online.


We at Adfreak consider this change a blessing in disguise. Although it presents a series of challenges, it also gives us the opportunity to improve our marketing and create a stronger connection with our customers. We look forward to navigating this new era of digital marketing.