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Favorites List 2023: The Best Chrome Extensions for Increased Productivity

Hello Adfreak readers, it's high time for a review of the best Chrome extensions of 2023!

How have Chrome extensions from 2023 improved our productivity and web experience?

In 2023, developers continued to impress with their creativity when it comes to Chrome extensions. They created extensions for everything from improving productivity to making the internet more accessible to everyone, and this was certainly no exception. Let's take a closer look at some of the Chrome extensions that stood out the most and became our favorites.

AI-powered productivity on a new level

As life and work days become increasingly hectic, AI-powered Chrome extensions can be the savior for getting more done in less time. One of these is Scribe, which uses AI to document your workflows and create clear step-by-step manuals that make it easy to train colleagues. DeepL Translate helps you instantly translate web pages to quickly overcome language barriers, while QuillBot lets you write and reply to emails with a few mouse clicks.

Meetings become easier and more inclusive

No one needs to stress about taking notes during team meetings anymore. With Transcriptor, an add-on that automatically converts audio to text, everyone can focus on the discussion. It supports over a hundred different languages making it easy to share notes with international colleagues, and contributes to a more inclusive workplace.

More accessibility tools and games on the web

In 2023, more additions contributed to a more accessible and inclusive web browsing experience. Speechify and Bonjourr are examples of this. Speechify is a text-to-speech extension that reads out articles, emails and PDFs in natural voices and accents, while Bonjourr keeps your home screen clean and beautiful, completely free of distractions. For those who need a little break, there is now both Boxel 3D, a platform game that challenges you to create your own levels, and BTRoblox, which improves the web game side with several new features.


2023 has been a year full of innovation and improvement when it comes to Chrome extensions. They have made our everyday lives easier, improved our efficiency and contributed to creating a more inclusive web experience. Whether it's translating pages, creating step-by-step workflow manuals, or converting meeting audio to text, there's a Chrome extension for almost everything. And with this in mind, we're excited to see what 2024 has to offer!