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Google AI in video advertising

Google's AI for Video Advertising: The Future of Digital Marketing

Maximize your YouTube marketing with Google AI.

In an era where viewing behaviors are changing and diversifying across different platforms and content types, it is a marketer's dream to be able to streamline the process. By incorporating Google's AI-powered tools into your creative work, you can discover fresh and innovative ways to create, improve and distribute video campaigns that really make an impact and deliver measurable results.

Take a closer look at how you can revolutionize your video campaigns with smart technology and elevate your story YouTube to new heights. Let's dive into these new possibilities together and explore how AI can take your video advertising into the future.

1. Reach your audience everywhere and through all screens

By using Google's AI for video campaigns, you can deploy your ads in a customized combination of YouTube's different advertising environments – including in-stream, in-feed and Shorts. They are also viewed via connected televisions, computers and mobiles. This composition is tailored based on your criteria such as creative content and target audience, but above all your business goals. Here's how to get started:

  • Start with your goals in mind.

Why: Being clear about your media goal helps you choose the right type of video campaign and gives Google AI the information it needs to help you achieve that goal.

  • If your goal is brand awareness, choose the Video reach campaign type.

Why: In Video reach campaigns, Google AI optimizes the video assets you provide to cost-effectively reach your goal of maximizing reach, whether it's impression coverage, complete ad impressions, or a specific frequency.

Evidence of success

Advertisers who used an AI-optimized mix of formats for Effective Reach (through Video reach campaigns) experienced an average of 16% lower cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and up to 44% greater reach compared to those who manually optimized their formats.

  • If your goal is to drive online conversions, choose Video action campaigns.
    • Why: Video action campaigns automatically scale your video ads and include prominent calls to action across YouTube and its partners. This offers you an easy and more cost-effective way to drive traffic to your website, generate leads and increase conversions.

Evidence of effectiveness

With targeting optimization powered by Google AI, Video action campaigns can see up to a 20% increase in conversions. This type of intelligence in campaign management is not only future-proof, but a pure boost to your conversion strategies.

2. Simplify video creation with Google AI

AI-powered solutions can help you create and customize videos for YouTube's many ad formats and viewing environments. The use of different formats, such as vertical video ads for YouTube Shorts, will help maximize your reach and impact. Two solutions available today for Performance Max and App campaigns – with more campaign types on the way – make this easy:

  1. A video technology that transforms existing assets into new vertical, horizontal or square video ads: It converts existing static images, texts, assets from Google Merchant Center or app store listings to video ads. More video components in a campaign mean more opportunities to reach people with the right ad, in the right environment.
  2. A technique that converts horizontal videos into vertical or square movies: The important visual elements that tell your story are preserved.

Whether you create your own assets or let Google AI assist you, it's important to have ads in multiple orientations to maximize performance across all campaign types.

Proof-of-concept results

Advertisers who included at least one video in each orientation (horizontal, vertical and square) in their Performance Max campaigns achieved 20% more conversions on YouTube compared to horizontal videos alone.

An internal A/B test showed that adding at least one video of each orientation (horizontal, vertical and square) to your Video action campaigns could deliver 13% more conversions compared to horizontal videos alone.

With the growth of YouTube Shorts, it has become even more important to have vertical content that fits the vertical viewing environment.

Concrete results

When advertisers included a vertical creative asset in their Video action campaigns, they saw an increase of 10-20% more conversions per dollar spent on YouTube Shorts compared to campaigns that used only horizontal assets.

3. Enhance creative assets with best practices

YouTube's six-second bumper ads are critical to increasing reach and frequency. To quickly generate effective bumpers, you can use the Trim video function. In just a few minutes, this tool can turn your longer videos into multiple six-second ads. The models are trained based on the ABCD guidelines for effective YouTube ads, ensuring that the bumpers produced are optimized for the platform.

Another important best practice according to ABCD is to use audio, specifically voice-over, to reinforce your brand and message. To ensure that all your ads take advantage of YouTube's sound-on environment, you can easily add a voice-over to each ad. Write your script, choose a voice, and let Google AI do the rest.

Get started with your AI-powered videos today with Google Ads advertising