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Gemini is integrated into Performance Max

Hold on to your hats, digital marketers!

Performance Max Promotions now steps into the next phase with great news – integration with the Gemini models is here and it's something we at Adfreak absolutely can't keep quiet about. After all, we all know that image and video assets can do the trick for conversions, and when you pump up your ad quality to 'Excellent', you can expect an average of 6% more conversions.

That's why we at Adfreak are obsessed with the latest features in Performance Max. This is also quite timely as we are experiencing bad leads pouring in more frequently through our Performance Max campaigns. This despite the fact that we optimize placements on an ongoing basis. Therefore, we welcome new AI optimization technology that ensures that bidding and machine learning that go hand in hand with user behavior!'

Generative AI takes creativity to new heights

Generative AI is nothing short of a revolution for digital marketing campaigns, and we see daily how it drives efficiency and results to new levels. For us as advertisers, this means that we have access to tools that generate both text and image assets with a couple of clicks – amazing, right? And with the global rollout of these tools, even in multiple languages, real creative explosions can take place in no time.

To top it off, an updated version of the Gemini model is now lurking in the bushes – ready to offer long headlines and soon website link generation. With a deep understanding of the digital landscape, we can guide this AI to create meaningful and performing content.

And it doesn't end there – soon you can say goodbye to dull product images. Thanks to updated image generation models, we will be able to create lifestyle images that show the products in action. Image editing also includes the ability to create backgrounds that include people. Plus, if you already have winning images, you can now develop them and scale up your creative ideas even more.

The best? You retain control and review all images before they go live in your campaigns.

New ways to boost your ads

With all these tools for building new assets, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, but fear not. Adfreak is here to give you real-time feedback. And generative AI is a tipping point that makes it easier than ever to improve your ad assets. There are three main ways to optimize your assets:

  • Increase variety with new AI suggestions
    New suggestions are generated based on content from your website
  • Integrate creative assets from other design platforms such as Canva
    Google is rolling out a dedicated integration with Canva!
  • Add videos
    Advertisers using videos in Performance Max see an average of 12% more conversions. Google helps you with auto-generated videos with upgraded technology.

Just having a video could give the 12% more conversions – I know, it's music to your ears, right?

Smoother collaboration with ad previews

Before we swipe any further, I want to tickle your marketing nerve a little extra by revealing next month's new feature: “shareable previews” of your ads. Finally, you can give a look at your masterpieces without anyone needing login details Google Ads or that you need to "print-screen" each ad variant. These previews are like a bridge, connecting all the creative minds in the process.

So come on, grab and dive into the world of Performance Max. If you want to geek out even further, check out our guides or just be inspired by our awesome posts. And if there are any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Adfreak - we're here to make your digital journey stellar!