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Email Marketing - 8 Tips to Get Your Followers to Open Your Emails

Email marketing is a great tool to attract new customers and increase revenue from the customers you already have and also potential customers if you work with leads.
But as with all industries, the rules of the game are constantly changing. You need to keep your methods fresh and innovative to ensure that your time investment pays off. Lucky for you, I'm here to share eight smart tricks you can use to get your customers to not only open your marketing emails, but look forward to them with excitement!

1. Personal subject line

A great way to grab your reader's attention is to weave their name into the subject line. When you personalize in this way, you take a step away from the usual advertising subject line and make the recipient feel special. Remember to place the name early; Namely, many email platforms only display the beginning of the subject line. A small, but oh so powerful trick that can significantly increase the open rate!

2. Pay attention to special occasions

Everyone loves holidays! And when it comes to email marketing, special events can be a silver lining in your communications. Think birthdays, national days or other holidays - mentioning these in the subject line creates a sense of relevance. It stands out in the inbox and arouses curiosity, something that can make even the most skeptical recipient click on your email. By mixing some festive topics into your emails, you'll not only get readers to open them - they'll also be more likely to celebrate the day with your special offer!

3. Optimum times for dispatch

It's easy to think that it matters less what time of day you send an email, but timing is crucial - by sending emails exactly when your target group is most available, you naturally increase the chances of emails being opened. Target times when your readers aren't busy with a thousand other things. Lunchtime can be a golden opportunity, or why not around eight o'clock in the evening? Text at the right time and the reader's attention can be all yours.

4. Customize the sender name

The name your email comes from can really make all the difference to whether the reader opens it or not. Here's how to choose a sender name that is immediately associated with your business. A strong brand is A and O. Only use your personal name if you truly offer personal services and have built a relationship with your audience. Don't forget, when someone skims through their inbox, it's a recognizable name that can be the difference between an email being opened and one overlooked.

5. Optimized sender address

The email address from which your message is sent signals credibility to the recipient. If they recognize the address as part of your company, the likelihood of them opening the email increases significantly compared to if it comes from an old private address. Take your time and choose an email address that both represents your company and feels recognizable to your customers. Your email address is more than just a string of characters – it's your digital business card, so make sure it reflects professionalism and value.

6. Start with a question

Arousing the reader's curiosity is a smart trick to get them to open your emails. Use creativity to formulate that clever question that ignites an interest in what you offer. Think, "What does your morning routine look like?" rather than "Do you want to buy coffee?". It's the details that make it!

7. Mobile adaptation is a must

How an email is displayed on the computer compared to the mobile can be two completely different worlds. And let's be honest, your dearest communication is often in the pocket of your readers - via their mobile phones. When you send out e-mails, make sure that the formatting is adapted for mobile. It is on mobile that most people will read your message, so mobile-friendly design is not only nice, it is basically a requirement in the digital world.

8. Keep a steady pace

Sending out e-mails every now and then is like playing the e-mail lottery - the chance of hitting the right one is low, to say the least. Instead, aim to be consistent with your mailings. Readers will gradually get used to seeing your email in their inbox, and thus the likelihood that they will open your messages increases. It's about creating a pattern that your followers can trust, and when they know they can expect something valuable from you, well then they'll be looking for that 'Adfreak' email that lights up their digital lives.