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Hilton's Full-Funnel Success

Hilton and iProspect's success illustrates the significant impact that the right digital marketing strategies can have. By focusing on the customer journey and using the right platforms in the right way

Today we take a look at how Hilton and iProspect created significant results with a full-funnel strategy.

How did Hilton and iProspect manage to create a successful full-funnel strategy?

The full-funnel strategy means that every step of the customer's journey is important, from creating awareness to considering booking to final conversion. Hilton and iProspect launched the "It Matters Where You Stay" campaign and the "For The Stay" platform based on this insight. Considering the changing consumer behavior, they emphasized that accommodation can make or break a trip, as highlighted in their ad [“For The Stay”].

Video and Search: Key Components of Hilton and iProspect's Strategy

Video was central to Hilton and iProspect's strategy. Realizing that over 60% of their audience turns to YouTube every week, they focused on creating the right content for the right audience. Google's AI and different directional techniques played a crucial role. Additionally, they used search in a unique way to not only convert but also increase consideration and intensity. Thus, the video led to an increased volume of searches. The results were phenomenal and they experienced an uptick in awareness, consideration, intensity and bookings.

  1. Human insight: Hilton and iProspect focused on insights being powerful, highlighting that accommodations can make or break an experience.
  2. Video-centric strategy: They used video as a primary resource to reach their audience and create engagement
  3. Optimized Search Engine Strategy: They used search in a unique way to not only convert but also increase consideration and intensity.


In summary, Hilton and iProspect's way of using the full-funnel strategy shows that every step of the customer journey counts. By using video to reach and engage their audience and a unique search strategy, they have achieved amazing results.

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