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10 Tips for sustainability with Google in 2024

Sustainable Travel Choices 2024

Imagine being able to leave a greener footprint in 2024 – we at Adfreak show you how! Explore 10 ways to make more sustainable choices using the latest additions to technology.

1. Travel greener

When planning your next trip, why not look at train options in Google Search? Comparing flights with trains can now make your travel decision both faster and more sustainable. Plus, Google Flights now shows the carbon footprint of almost any flight.

2. Smarter driving routes

To cut down on emissions when you're on your way somewhere, bet on Google Maps' fuel-efficient routes, now available in more countries. A small green leaf on the map guides you along the path that is kindest to our planet.

3. Smart car choices

We at Adfreak know that you want to be involved in future-proofing car purchases. Comparing electric cars is now easier than ever; from prices to range and charging times. And don't forget to take advantage of the available government grants – a financial bonus for your green investment!

4. Charging costs in focus

Is an electric car the next step for you? Discover our updated charging cost calculator which now shows what you save compared to conventional fuel costs. A smart tool that gives perspective on your investment.

5. Battery range today

Newbie or veteran in the world of electric cars? With our new tool, you can see exactly how far you can get on a charge and can plan your trips without range anxiety, with factors such as height difference and speed limits taken into account.

6. Full control of charging stations

For all electric car drivers, we now have more detailed information about charging stations available directly in your smartphone. You can easily check whether the charger fits your car and whether it supports fast, medium or slow charging.

7. Fast charging for electric cars

As a digital marketing enthusiast, Antonio, you know the importance of quick and convenient information. For electric car drivers, Google Maps and Search for Android and iOS now provide even more detailed info about charging stations, including compatibility and real-time availability, plus charging speed – fast, medium, or slow.

8. Compare heating options

Is it time to replace your old boiler or AC? At Adfreak, we know that practical decisions start with the right information. Google Search now gathers information about different home heating systems with aspects such as efficiency and financial incentives, all gathered in one place to make your choice easier.

9. Find recycling stations

Recycling is the key to sustainability. Google is helping users more easily find local recycling options for everything from plastic bottles to electronics, by highlighting the recycling capabilities of businesses and shops in their Google business profiles.

10. Buy used products

In Google searches for products such as winter jackets, the search engine giant now highlights "Used" and "Refurbished" items, complete with labeling directly in the search results. A brilliant way for you as a digital strategist to encourage a more sustainable consumption pattern.

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