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Generative AI Boosts Performance Max performance

Performance Max, Google Ads AI-powered campaign platform, constantly creating new opportunities and constantly transforming to keep marketers in step with changing consumer behaviors and trends.

How does generative AI help Performance Max improve its scalability and performance?

Performance Max leverages the generative AI to produce text and image assets. With just a few clicks, advertisers can now generate new assets that help target customers across Google's performance layers and formats. The system suggests and creates headlines, descriptions and images to scale and build high-quality assets that drive performance.

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The power of generative AI for Performance Max

Through a balance of AI and human expertise, Performance Max generates assets that help connect with customers across all of Google's different ad formats and layers. The AI-powered technology underpins the companies' creative ideas, enabling experimentation with new types of images and messages.

  1. Performance management: With generative AI, you can quickly test new creative concepts and build on your existing assets.
  2. Asset creation: For businesses with limited creative resources, generative AI brings your creative vision to life. You can generate high-quality assets in seconds to build your campaign capital from scratch.
  3. Safe and transparent use: All images created with generative AI will be labeled as such. Google's SynthID is used to invisibly watermark these images, and metadata will indicate whether the image was generated by AI.
  4. Image Editing: AI-powered image editing allows you to try variations of existing and generated images.
  5. Generated Assets and the Policy: Each ad created with generated assets is reviewed under existing Ads policy before going live.

As we see it, the generative AI in Performance Max provides an invaluable advantage. With the ability to quickly generate new images, headlines and descriptions, it gives advertisers flexibility and speed to their creative process. For us at Adfreak, it will lead to greater opportunities to test and optimize our creative concepts and deliver superior results across all marketing channels on Google.


Harnessing the power of generative AI will transform the way we market and engage with our audiences. Performance Max offers a unique and potent platform that enables rapid creation and scaling of high-performing assets across all Google Ads inventory. With continuous improvements and innovative functionalities, Performance Max will continue to be an integral component of Adfreak's digital marketing strategy.

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