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SGE - Google's new search results


SGE - Google's new search results


Google has recently launched a new search function by name SGE (Search Generative Experience) which uses generative AI to provide users with a more interactive search experience. This can have a big impact on how we search for information online and what it means for the search engine optimization of your website.

In this blog we will discuss what SGE is, how it works, and what it will mean for your website.

What is the difference between SGE and regular SEO?

SGE differs from Google's previous search capabilities in several ways. Instead of simply matching keywords against websites, generative uses AI to generate more detailed and relevant answers to users' questions. Think of it as having a conversation with a person rather than asking a simple question. SGE can also suggest follow-up questions based on the user's previous search history and previous answers.

Focus on quality

For website owners and digital marketers, this means an increased emphasis on high-quality content and user experience.

It is important that you continue to create relevant and useful content for your visitors, while optimizing your website for SGE. This could mean using natural phrases and answers to questions in your content marketing or including common follow-up questions in your FAQ pages.

What requirements will SGE place on the website?

Mobile friendliness

An important aspect to consider when it comes to SGE is search optimization for mobile devices.

Since a large part of the search today happens from mobile devices, it is important to make sure that your website is mobile friendly and optimized for smaller screens. Google has long prioritized mobile-friendly layout in its search algorithms, and with SGE this is likely to become even more important.


Another factor to consider is the security of your website, with special emphasis on HTTPS security. Google has also previously publicly stated that HTTPS security can contribute to better search results. Whether you sell products online on your website or not, it is wise to have HTTPS security installed on your website.


In conclusion, SGE is an innovation in search results that can potentially make it easier for users to find what they are looking for and for businesses to optimize their search optimization. Unlike traditional search results, which previously only displayed a text description of the websites, SGE is more interactive and provides users with more information directly on the search results page.

You can find more information about SGE and what it might look like here