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The future of cookies in Chrome: The next step towards phasing out third-party cookies

Welcome back to Adfreak's blog, today we're talking about Chrome's latest project to improve web privacy.

Chrome's quiet work to improve privacy on the web is taking a big turn. Now more is invested in functions that protect your data. This means a restriction of third-party cookies.

What is Chrome's Tracking Protection and how will it affect you?

On January 4, Chrome will begin testing its new feature, Tracking Protection. The feature limits the ability to track user activity across different websites in that third-party cookies will not be available by default. This means that 1% of global Chrome users will be included in the test.

What benefits and changes does Tracking Protection bring?

Third-party cookies have been a fundamental part of the web for three decades. They have been used by websites to track user activities but also to improve the user experience.

  1. Enhanced Privacy: With Tracking Protection, third-party cookies will be restricted by default, reducing tracking across different websites.
  2. User-friendly solutions: If a website does not work without third-party cookies and Chrome notices a problem, the user will be offered a temporary reactivation of these cookies.
  3. Responsive Transition: With Privacy Sandbox, Chrome is working on a responsible transition away from third-party cookies and therefore presents Tracking Protection with only 1% of users to start.

Bottom line, Chrome's work to improve our web privacy is an important change. We at Adfreak carefully follow its development and how it affects both us and our customers.