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Performance Max: Learn about Lead-Gen

Hello you digital marketing masters! 🌟 Have you heard the latest about Google Ads? Performance Maxcampaigns?
Imagine, two years ago (November 2021) they came in and completely changed the playing field, and for e-tailers it has been a bit of a game-changer. We're talking better ROAS than ever - yes, you read that right!

But you who work with lead gen, you know that it's not always a bed of roses. Take a moment to think about how Performance Max uses its holistic view (aka full-funnel) to capture those high-quality leads – and this is where it gets tricky.

The algorithm is a bit like a digital Sherlock Holmes, gathering clues (read: user data) to identify who is ready to make the conversion. It works great when it has clear numbers to go by, like in e-commerce, but when we get to lead-gen, it can be a bit like trying to read a book in the dark. Calculating the income is not always a piece of cake.

Imagine you run a plumbing company and want the "free quote" forms to come rolling in. You get a lot of completed forms, but how many become real business? Google Ads cannot determine that on its own.

And when it comes to phone calls, here it gets even more complex. We often see calls over a certain length as conversions, but the truth is that not all long calls lead to business and sometimes even the short calls can turn out to be pure goldmines.

Performance Max data quality to reach the right target audience segment
Quality Management: The Lead-Gen's Secret

You've probably noticed that even the smartest campaign can fall victim to junk leads. When Performance Max campaigns find a source of these rogue leads, it's like opening Pandora's box – suddenly you're flooded with useless conversions. Our lead-gen clients experienced a boost – but when we looked closer? Just a pile of nonsense.

Google advises adding reCAPTCHA to web forms to improve quality, but let me be clear - there are better ways to go. Connect your CRM to Google Ads and let only qualified leads become part of your data diet. Some CRM systems can even extract the exact revenue from certain leads.

There are techniques to help you sharpen your conversion data too Google Ads. Imagine that you only bring in the form submissions in Google Ads that have already been verified as leads, like a customer of ours does with his HubSpot account. This step leaves the spam out in the cold and the Google Ads algorithm focuses on the real deal.

Our other client, also a HubSpot user, set up a conversion value for each stage of the sales cycle. From the MQL to the final contract. Sure, it adds to the ROAS numbers, but in the B2B world, we choose quality over quantity.

But wait, it doesn't stop there. We have platforms like NexHealth that, despite running on their own domain, allow online bookings to be tracked as conversions. And when it comes to conversations, work smarter, not harder. Use platforms like CallRail to mark calls as qualified before they reach Google Ads.

Not to mention the AI that sifts through the conversations and sniffs out the conversion gold nuggets - a medical company we work with counts "meeting" or a mentioned address as a conversion. Smart, huh?

Let's be honest, the success of Performance Max campaigns rests on one thing - the quality of the conversion data. But with a little finesse in the beginning, you can fish for the really big sharks and get a helping hand from Performance Max. So, are you ready to take your lead gen to the next level? Contact us today! —-> Contact Us