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new: Key events replace conversions in GA4

Google Analytics: New insights and measurement methods

At Adfreak, we're always on the cutting edge of new digital trends, and recently have Google Analytics 4 (GA4) created serious waves in the data stream. Two years ago it became clear that GA4 would become Google's new standard for web analytics - the future is knocking on the door! After all, we ourselves have tweaked and prepared our clients' accounts for this transition and made ourselves at home with the AI-driven insights and refined connections to Google Ads.

Key events in GA4

Today, we at Adfreak are happy to share that Google is rolling out an update that makes the measurement a little easier to understand. In digital marketing, analysis of customer behavior is essential. Therefore, Google has now adjusted the definition of conversions in both Google Ads and Analytics, giving us a more unified view of the performance of ads. Now GA4 introduces so-called Key events, which replace old conversion data. Key events are adapted so that websites and apps can measure to give a better picture of important events and the customer journey. A change that ensures a conversion is the same whether you review it in Google Ads or Analytics.

This means the end of a longing many marketers have had.


A solution with privacy in mind

The year 2024 is a doomsday year for digital marketers, with more advanced measurement methods playing a central role in being able to continue measuring and navigating the digital landscape. GA4 is built for this future, with proven insights and reports. Google has also started supporting Chrome Privacy Sandbox's Protected Audience API in GA4, which makes it possible to reach your audience even without third-party cookies.

To further refine the measurement, GA4 has improved support for enhanced conversions. This means hashed, consented first-party data complements existing conversion tags, giving you clearer data about events and conversions. AI-powered behavioral modeling also helps you get a holistic view of the user journey.

We at Adfreak have worked hand-in-hand with these tools to not only create success in today's data climate, but also to equip you and your business for the future of digital communication – without compromising user privacy.

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