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Marketing 2024: AI & Branding

What changes there have been in marketing in the past year! We look back to 2023 and forward to 2024.

What has been most significant in marketing in 2023?

Despite a rough start to 2023 with upheavals in the technology sector, some innovations are shining through the darkness. Most prominent was perhaps the development in generative AI, which inspired new startups and technological breakthroughs. Despite the fears, there was no recession. Instead, a big question in the industry became what one should start with, innovate and change.

The benefits of generative AI for business

Generative AI has proven to be a powerful tool that can enhance the capabilities of writers and content creators. It's a technology that can expand your capabilities as a marketer, not replace you. Implemented right, it can change your entire marketing process. But what are the concrete benefits?

  1. Optimized work process: By automating certain tasks, you can focus on larger and more important initiatives.
  2. Improved content quality: By analyzing and creating content based on user data, AI can create more targeted and engaging content.
  3. Scalability: With AI, you can scale up your content production without compromising on quality.
  4. Innovation: AI can generate new ideas and perspectives, as well as help predict trends and behaviors.
  5. Customer Engagement: By analyzing user behaviors, AI can help optimize customer engagement.

For a digital marketer, these advantages mean great opportunities to grow, develop and streamline their marketing strategy. With the right use, generative AI could be the next big revolution in digital marketing.


Now that we're entering 2024, it's time to innovate and that means taking advantage of the opportunities generative AI brings us. Because who knows what the near future may bring? Perhaps the marketing team will work not only with a human marketing manager, but also with an AI assistant. Together they can navigate the challenges and successes of tomorrow. We at Adfreak look forward to taking part in the journey.

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