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    Optimize your marketing budget with the best tools and tactics to lower cost per lead and increase ROI. Learn how to effectively track the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns.

    adfreak answers common questions about AI


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    Discover answers from Adfreak to the hottest questions about AI in advertising and sustainable marketing with AI.

    Conversational AI Commerce, Vertex AI search and streamlined customer solutions for e-tailers
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    Google unveils new AI tools to streamline the use of chatbots, improve product image generation and offer consumers refined search functionality. The goal is a smoother and more personal online shopping experience.

    Generative AI improves and streamlines healthcare.
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    As 2024 approaches, increased use of generative AI (gen AI) is predicted in healthcare organizations to optimize administrative tasks, prepare for large-scale transformations and explore further opportunities.

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    Take a look at 2023 – the year that challenged marketers with AI innovations and social media change. Look ahead and prepare for 2024, where we translate lessons learned into strategy and growth.


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