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    google highlights adfreak's demand gen strategy in a case study
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    Read about Google's Consent Mode v2. A crucial update for regular data collection and continued measurable results.

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    Chrome is restricting websites from using third-party cookies for 1% of their users, a step in their efforts to limit cross-site tracking.

    Meta ads, social media advertising, Facebook and Instagram ads
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    Adfreak is proud to present our new service: Meta Ads. It's a revolution in digital marketing, you know. With the help of this service, we adapt to the ever-changing online behaviors and harness the power of social media to reach and engage our target audience. With Meta Ads, we create freaking entertaining, targeted ads to drive traffic and deepen our customer relationships. Don't miss the chance to discover how Meta Ads can change the game for your digital marketing and join us on this awesome journey.

    The new campaign format in Google Ads - Demand Gen.
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    Adfreak is one of the selected beta testers for Google's new campaign format Demand Gen, which is an improvement on Discovery Ads. With Demand Gen, you get both image and video consumption as well as direct access to platforms such as YouTube Shorts, Gmail and Discover. This is perfect for businesses that focus on social media. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Demand Gen creates targeted ads and reaches potential customers similar to your existing audience. In this way, it becomes easier and more effective to market and stimulate economic activity.

    Full funnel strategy via Google Ads
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    Antonio points out that many people do not make full use of Google Ads. He compares it to driving a Ferrari in first gear. The customer journey is no longer a simple stretch, but rather an exciting path with several different channels. To effectively reach your target group here, you should use a combination of different tools within Google Ads - not just search ads. It includes animated ads, video ads and HTML5 ads. In addition, it is crucial to follow up on the potential customers who have already shown interest, to increase the chance of reaching them again. By using Google Ads in a more complete way, companies can create an effective strategy that covers the entire purchase process and reaches their customers in the best way.

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